AR-15s Save Lives

I have been saying for many years that an AR-15 is an excellent rifle for self-defense, home defense, and many other applications. However, we continuously see politicians and many different groups attacking this type of firearm. Some people argue that it is a weapon of war and not practical for

Why I Carry a Gun!

The question of Why I Carry a Gun can be a very personal question for me as well as others. In fact, just buying and owning a gun could be a tough decision to make for many people and families. I think because firearms can be a very dangerous tool

5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own A Gun

Since the beginning of the Jarhead 6 channel, I have been asked so many great questions. Typically, I received questions such as What is the best gun to carry or Should I carry a Spare Magazine and much more. One question that also tends to be asked again has to

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Top 2 Guns to Own!

The question of how many guns you should have or what is the best weapon for home defense is all over the internet. In fact, the gun community has a continuing fight on all these topics. Some believe a shotgun is the best choice for home defense while other belief

How to Stop Being an Easy Target?

A criminal is always looking for an easy target. So in many cases, they attack targets of opportunity. But what is a target of opportunity? I remember hearing about a 13 years old little girl that got kidnapped and killed in North Carolina. I believe she walked outside to her

The Best Survival Weapon

We have been debating the question of what is the best survival weapon for years. Some people think a good 22 caliber rifle is an excellent idea while others believe it is not. Some people believe that arming yourself is just plain crazy. Personally, I think we are leaving in

Are You Ready to Face a Disaster?

A disaster is something that many of us will experience in life. In fact, I have faced several hurricanes here in Florida as well as a mass casualty event during my military career. I will tell you from experiences that in order to survive those horrible events we need to