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How to Stop Being an Easy Target?

A criminal is always looking for an easy target. So in many cases, they attack targets of opportunity. But what is a target of opportunity? I remember hearing about a 13 years old little girl that got kidnapped and killed in North Carolina. I believe she walked outside to her

The Best Survival Weapon

We have been debating the question of what is the best survival weapon for years. Some people think a good 22 caliber rifle is an excellent idea while others believe it is not. Some people believe that arming yourself is just plain crazy. Personally, I think we are leaving in

Are You Ready to Face a Disaster?

A disaster is something that many of us will experience in life. In fact, I have faced several hurricanes here in Florida as well as a mass casualty event during my military career. I will tell you from experiences that in order to survive those horrible events we need to