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Everyday Carry Components

In countries such as the United States, we have been blessed to have a Second Amendment Right. This means we have the God-given right to carry a firearm. Now, we know for most parts some states have restrictions on this right, and we see the fight against Gun Controls continues. However, we need to stay in the fight against these unconstitutional laws. In this blog, we are NOT talking about that subject, and we will concentrate more on significant components of an everyday carry system. Remember, it is NOT only about “the Gun,” there are many more aspects of a carry system that can help you survive a confrontation. In fact, some items can help you defeat a threat without even pulling your gun out.

Gun Belts

First, let’s start with a gun belt. This is an item many gun owners indeed neglect. In fact, many people do not realize the capabilities that a good gun belt offers.  For example, let’s look at a company such as Kore Essentials who is producing fantastic belts for a decent price. They are primarily constructed out of a nylon webbing out layers that is rated at 500 lbs.  Additionally, they can support full-size firearms alone with a spare magazine holder and additional gear such as knives or multi-tools. Another cool factor of these belts is their look. Mostly, they look just like a typical belt and do not scream GUN. From experiences, you won’t find features like these on your regular Walmart belts.

Another factor a gun belt provides is a stable platform. This is super important for your everyday carry system as it allows you to carry your EDC items comfortably. Again, companies such as Kore Essentials are producing belts that can take up to 8 pounds in equipment. Therefore, you will be able to support a holster with a handgun, a knife, a flashlight, etc with no issues. Furthermore, a stable platform means that your equipment will be in the same place when you need it. This is critical during a self-defense situation as you want to ensure your gear is where it is supposed to be when you need it.

Kore Essentials Gun Belt

Flashlights & Knives

Now the next two items can also be neglected by many. However, I believe they can be extremely beneficial to your system.  This is mainly because they can be used in a self-defense situation or just for regular everyday tasks. Of course, I’m talking about flashlights and knives. These two items can be used for daily tasks such as opening mail, a package, cutting rope and obviously fighting. In the other hand, flashlights can be used for applications such as taking the trash out, walking to my front door at night and even when I am in the movie theater with my family. I remember a long time ago I saw a video from Mike“Mrgunsngear Youtube Channel.” He was telling a story of how he stopped a home defense confrontation by merely shining a weapon mounted light thru his front door. Essentially, the bad guy got scared and ran away. Again, just like I said at the beginning of the blog some items can help you stop a self-defense situation before it starts.

One point that I want to stress out is that even know these two items can be used in different purpose, we need to understand you need the right tool for the job. Here is what I mean, in the knife industry we have multiple different types of knives. One example is a fixed blade which is very strong. These knives can be used for survival situations like building shelter, a fire, combat operations, etc. In the other hand, we have folding knives which are not as strong as fixed blades. However, they provide excellent capabilities to any everyday carry system. For example, they are easy to carry, light in weight and can also be outstanding choices of everyday carry.

Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft Knife & Bastion Gera Baron knife

In the case of flashlights, we have seen the same thing. I just recently posted a video on a tiny light “the Olight S1R II Baton” which I loved. This light is an excellent example of a small, easy to carry, high lumen flashlight. And although this light could be used for self-defense, it is not the best option in my opinion. I will definitely write a blog on some of the needs a good self-defense flashlight should have. However, I will quickly say that a momentary switch is crucial for these types of lights. Mostly, we want to be able to turn the light on and off in a quick manner. Essentially, being able to gain positive identification while NOT giving away your location is very important from your survival. Again, just like the knives, flashlights can come on many different models, we just need to identify the best one for your unique needs.

Olight & Streamlight EDC Flashlights


Another great item for everyday carry is a smartphone.  Mainly because one of the first things you need to do during an emergency is to call for help. However, NOT everyone has their cell phone ready for an emergency. Here is a couple of things you can do to prepare your phone. First, make sure you save all your significant phone numbers. This can include non-emergency numbers and closer friends.  I remember in 2016, we encountered Hurricane Matthew which it was devastating to Florida. Unfortunately, we experienced much confusing and conflicting information from social media and mainstream media news. However, I was able to receive crucial information from local Emergency Operation Center as I had their phone number me. Another great idea is becoming part of your local social media groups. Again, during my last hurricane, I was part of a group that was continually sharing crucial information. One thing I would also consider is having a power bank in case you run out of batteries. Do not neglect your phone and explore ways technology can help your EDC system.


Holster & Mag Carrier

Now before we talk about “the GUN,” We need to understand why a holster and a magazine carrier are crucial.  First, a holster has several purposes. For example, it retains your handgun to your body. In fact, having a holster with excellent retention is critical. Think about this, if you find yourself in a fight, you want your gun retained to your body and not falling out.

Furthermore, a good holster can provide you with a reference point where your firearm is at all time. Finally, one of the most important aspects of a holster is being able to carry your gun safe. Essentially, a proper holster needs to cover up the pistol trigger guard. I know every holster do not provide this capability, but in my opinion, the trigger guard needs to be protected at all times. We definitely do not want you to have a negligent discharge because your finger or something got stuck in the trigger guard.  Obviously, a magazine carrier offers some of these capabilities, and it allows you to carry additional rounds.

Bravo Concealment Torsion Holster & Mag Carrier

The Gun

Now the moment we have been waiting for, “the Gun.” This is a topic that brings a ton of debate in the gun community. However, it is essential to know that carrying a gun is a lifestyle and every person needs to make his own decision. In this case, understanding the purpose of your weapon is crucial.  Although all firearms could be potentially be used for self-defense, there are some significant differences between many of them. Let’s take a look at two popular choices the Glock 17 and 43. First, the Glock 17 is a full-size handgun and a trendy gun in the community. This handgun is reliable, dependable, has an excellent track record and much more. However, it is a full-size pistol, and therefore it could be challenging to carry and conceal. Mostly, the Glock 17 would be perfect for home defense, war pistol, open carry, survival weapon, duty gun and potentially concealed carry if you are up to the task of concealing a full-size handgun.

Glock 17

In the other hand, a Glock 43 may not be the best choice to go to war, but it is a great concealed carry choice. Essentially, this firearm is small enough to carry, reliable, dependable and it is still chambered in a well known accessible round (9MM). Now, although this handgun can be extremely concealable it does has some vulnerabilities. Some examples can be no rail for weapon mounted light, less capacity, smaller guns typically are snappier, etc. Again, depending on what you are looking for these issues I just pointed may not be vulnerabilities.  One aspect of concealed carry we need to understand is the surprise factor. This happens when the bad guy has no idea you are carrying a firearm. This means that you can initiate your self-defense counter-attack when the right moment arrives. The bad guy may think he or she is in control, but he or she will quickly learn they mess with the wrong guy. I wanted to mention another honorable choice for concealment carry the S&W Military & Police Shield. I have owned this pistol for many years and it reliable, dependable, easy to shoot, and just a fantastic choice for concealed carry. Just remember, whatever firearm you go for, there are always going to be pros and cons.

Glock 43 & Glock 17


There are definitely other items that many people carry daily. Some examples can be fire starting equipment, first aid kits, tourniquets, multi-tools, another firearm, small backpacks, etc. However, in my opinion, a gun belt, knife, flashlight, a cell phone, a good holster, and a gun are crucial components of any everyday carry system. It is definitely the basics, and good starting point for your new everyday carry lifestyle. I hope this blog helps you make the best decision for your EDC needs. Remember, whatever handgun you decide to buy and concealed carry a gun make sure you know how to use it. Literally, your life may depend on that. Thanks so much for reading this blog and God is in Control.