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Why I Carry a Gun!

The question of Why I Carry a Gun can be a very personal question for me as well as others. In fact, just buying and owning a gun could be a tough decision to make for many people and families. I think because firearms can be a very dangerous tool to own for an inexperienced person. This is the main reason why I have been preaching about gun safety in the Jarhead6 Youtube Channel for years. Mainly, purchasing a gun and making the decision to carry a firearm comes with a ton of responsibilities. Remember, the point is to protect your loved ones and not hurt yourself or other members of your family. Trust me, I have seen what a negligent discharge can do to a person during my Iraq deployment. In this blog, I will be sharing why I have decided to carry a gun as well as some of my carry philosophy.

Please check out this video I recorded with Cacticalmain. We talk about some other factors of why it is crucial to carry a gun.

Why I Carry a Gun!

I have been carrying guns for many years as a civilian as well as a Military Policeman. I can tell you that no matter if it is the civilian or military aspect, some of the reasons why I carry a gun remained the same. Mainly, I carry a gun to defend myself, my family, innocent people, and my country. However, to be successful in this, I have taken several crucial steps. Some of those steps include conducting firearm training, purchasing the right gear/ equipment, purchasing the proper firearm with the appropriate ammunition, and much more. I recently wrote a blog where I talk about some Essential Everyday Carry Components that could probably help you make the right decision regarding concealed carry.

Everyday Carry Lifestyle

Before, I tell you why I decided to carry a gun. I will tell you that carrying a gun is a lifestyle. Something that we (My wife and I) do every single day. To us, having a carrying a weapon is just like having our house keys, cellphones, etc. However, it has been a lot of work to get to a point where we are confident in our system. For example, we have learned our gun laws, implement safety plans to protect our children from unattended firearms, and much more. We have mostly developed a lifestyle around what we do. We know what places we can visit and where we can’t go due to carrying a firearm. At this point in our lives is nothing new as we have been carrying for many years. However, it did take us some time to get to a point where it is just muscle memory. Where it just became part of our lives.

So Why I decide to carry a gun to protect myself. Well, I think that is an easy question to answer. Mainly because I can’t carry a Police Officer in my pocket (LOL). We need to realize that personal security is our responsibility and not that government job. Essentially, we need to understand that in many cases, cops won’t be there when we need them. This is something hard to understand for many Americans because we continue to leave a life of government dependency. However, we regularly see examples of horrifying attacks against our communities. For example, Chicago is a place where we are seeing several people getting shot during a typical weekend. Honestly, the amount of active shooting events we are witnessing is insane and unacceptable.

Everyday Carry System

EDC 2019

I think before I continue, I should mention what I carry as my EDC. Please understand that in many cases, I change my EDC items as I get new products to test in the Jarhead6 Youtube Channel. Nevertheless, I think my everyday carry system is straightforward and easy to carry. First, I carry a Glock 43, which has been proven to be a great handgun. At this point, I have carried this gun for several years, and it has been 100% reliable and dependable. As we know, Glock handguns are very easy to use and extremely popular in the gun community. You can check out more prices on the Glock 43 by clicking this link.

I typically use two holsters, first and so far my favorite for my Glock 43 is a Vedder Concealment holster. This holster has a leather backing that makes it very comfortable to carry. I also use a Torsion holster from Bravo Concealment that provides excellent concealment. This holster is fantastic for concealed carry; however, I do prefer the Vedder holster as it is more comfortable.

Kore Essential Gun Belt

In addition to my gun and holster, I like to carry a flashlight, a knife, and a gun belt. As you probably know, a belt is crucial as it is the foundation and platform of an everyday carry system. Again, a good belt will allow you to carry all your gear while still having your pants or shorts in the proper placement. So far, Kore Essentials has proven to be a great system that provides a ton of capabilities. This gun belt allows you to carry a full-size pistol with magazines and other items with no issues. Again, it is just an excellent choice for the concealed carry market as well as the law enforcement market. Check out some of their Gun Belts HERE!

An item that is crucial for EDC is a good flashlight, so far Olight flashlights have been outstanding. This company is producing lights that can push a ton of lumens in a tiny package. In my opinion, a flashlight needs to meet several aspects before I can consider it as a self-defense light. I will link a blog I wrote a while ago name How To Choose The Best Self Defense Flashlight. In this blog, I talk about some of the crucial requirements of an excellent self-defense flashlight and provide some examples. I can tell you I am loving the Olight M2T Warrior a ton it is by far one of my favorite light to carry. Check it out Here. However, one of the biggest downfalls is that it is not rechargeable. Check out the rechargeable model Here.

As far as a blade, I usually carry a small folder. I think companies such as CRKT and Kershaw Knives have great knives around the 20 to 40 dollar range. Some of these knives may have cheap steel, but they will still do the job. I just recently reviewed a CRKT Crossbones, which I have been carrying for a while. Although it is a bit pricey, it is a very cool EDC Knife. Check out my Youtube video below and If you like to buy it, you can use our affiliate link. Again, thanks for supporting this blog.

Because I am a Family Man

So that is pretty much what I carry, and I am always trying to improve my everyday carry system. Now, as you probably know, I am a family man. I have a beautiful wife and three children as well. This means that I am responsible for their safety at all time. This is a task that I take very seriously because I love them very much. I remember when I was a kid, we always try to stay away from the wrong places. I remembered my mother telling me to stay away from places she thought was dangerous. However, we see a different situation nowadays. We are seeing people being murder in churches, schools, movie theaters, etc. Again, these are places that at one point were considered safe places to go. However, that is not the case anymore. Therefore, I have decided to carry a gun to protect my family from crazy people.

My Biggest Blessing

One crucial aspect of family security is to make sure everyone is involved in the self-defense plan. For example, my wife and older children are aware I am carrying a gun. In fact, we have spoken about what to do during an attack, and we all understand what role we play. I think this is an excellent idea because weapon education is crucial for children safety. Also, involving them in the plan takes away any confusion or miscommunication. This is because they will know what to do if the situation arises. As always, I pray that I never find myself in that situation but having a plan is a smart thing to do.

Defending Innocent People

Now, this is a very debatable question in the gun community. Primarily, I am talking about carrying a gun to defend others if the situation arises. Many people will argue it is not their responsibility to protect the public. They are probably right, and as I stated, I believe it is your responsibility to protect yourself and family. However, I will not be able to leave with myself if I allow a bad guy to hurt a good guy. We have seen both sides of this in the news multiple times. For example, the cop during the Parkland Shooting did not react to the active shooter situation. His failure to respond resulted in 17 people being killed. On the other hand, we have seen a great American hero, Stephen Willeford stopping a crazy man from continuing to murder people at a Texas church. Again, this is a very personal and challenging decision that some of us will have to make at one point.

Lastly, another reason why I carry and gun and typically not talk to much about is defending our country. I do not think we will have an invasion in the United States any time soon. However, the possibility of a terrorist attack is always there. We have seen several incidents in the last few years that in my opinion could have been classified as an attack against our way of living. An example is a vehicle attack that happened in New York City. Mainly, a crazy man used a white pickup truck to run over pedestrians, killing eight people and injuring others. The police finally stopped him and took him into custody. Again, you never know if you can find yourself in that situation alone with your family.


In conclusion, I carry a gun because I love my family and country very much. I refuse to allow some loser to hurt my family or innocent people just because he or she is upset at life. That is something we see every day in our country, and for some reason, the mainstream media make these crazy individuals famous. As I stated, I have decided it is my responsibility to defend my family and I. Therefore, I got the right gun, proper equipment, and firearm training to be able to use my weapon responsibly and in the best way possible. Remember, firearm training and knowing your laws is a crucial part of carrying a gun. Thanks so much for reading this blog, and God is in Control.

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