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5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own A Gun

Since the beginning of the Jarhead 6 channel, I have been asked so many great questions. Typically, I received questions such as What is the best gun to carry or Should I carry a Spare Magazine and much more. One question that also tends to be asked again has to do with women gun ownership. Mostly, many individuals feel that it is crucial for ladies to carry a gun for self-defense. This is mainly because ladies tend to be victims of violent attacks such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc. However, many women do not want to own or carry a firearm for many different reasons. Some of them maybe scare of guns, possibly having a negligent discharged and much more. However, it is crucial to understand that owning and carrying a firearm could be the most vital factor to stay alive during a violent confrontation. In this blog, I will talk about 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own A Gun.

5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own A Gun

Macho Man Complex

Before I get into five reasons on why ladies need a gun, I want to talk about the Macho Man Complex. Primarily many guys think that a lady cannot shoot a specific firearm. So what happens is that they limit their ladies ability to get a particular gun. Guys say things such as she can’t handle the 45ACP or the 40S&W Cal. They also say things such as she can’t fire a long rifle because it is too big. I continuously hear gun salesmen saying things such as get her a revolver because it is easy to shoot and she won’t have to reload. I think statements like those put our women down and we need to stop it. Again, we need to walk away from this type of mentally and understand that our ladies are more than capable to fire a gun. I have seen my wife Stacy destroying a target at decent range with a Glock 22 40S&W handgun. Again, do not limit your wife, she can do it, and you be surprised she may shoot better than you.

Getting a Person Interested on Guns

Leupold Deltapoint Pro on Glock 17 MOS

Another point that I like to stress is not to force her. Owning and carrying a firearm is a serious issue and could be very dangerous if not done the right way. Some people do not have the desire to take this responsibility and start leaving the everyday carry lifestyle. Therefore, do not be too pushy or force your wife to do something she does not want to do. It could result in buying and carrying a gun premature, which again it could result in someone being hurt. Try to encourage your spouse or your lady friend by introducing her slowly to firearms. Maybe you take her to a nice lunch and then to the range for some fun shooting. I think making it fun could be the beginning of sparking a new interest in firearms.

So why a lady needs to carry a gun. First, I like to start this by saying, please do not take offense at what I am about to say. This is not all my opinions, and I am merely expressing the way some criminals may think. I think many criminals may see women as a natural and vulnerable target. Mainly, they feel a woman is weak, and they can take advantage of them quickly. Also, women can be victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, aggravated assault, and much more. Obviously guys could be victims to these crimes as well; however, I believe ladies could be a higher risk. In fact, I read a report that states the following;

Bureau of Justice Statistics Selected Findings

Female Victims of Violent Crime. In general, for both fatal and non-fatal violence, women are at higher risk than men to be victimized by an intimate. Female homicide victims are more than twice as likely to have been killed by husbands or boyfriends than male victims are to have been killed by wives or girlfriends.

Men are Generally Stronger BUT…

Shooting the Vortex Razor AMG UH-1

So we know women can be target by criminals and even their husbands. We also know that men are generally stronger than women. This is where a gun comes to play. It is called disparity of force; now I am not an expert by any means in this subject. However, this happens when the attacker has a significant advantage over the victim. Some factors can include gender, age, overwhelming size or strength, and ever force on numbers. This is when a handgun comes to play and balance the situation. For example, a 250-pound violent male criminal attacks a young lady that weighs 150 pounds with no self-defense skills. Obviously, she is at a significant disadvantage; however, a gun could help her fill that gap and survive that scary event.

Now if a lady decides to own and train with a firearm, this will come with lots of benefits. For example, she can establish a self-protection plan that can save her life. If she is married, she could be part of the home defense plan. This means she can help her husband protect her household. This could be very beneficial in the case of having to move inside the house during a home defense situation. I do not recommend moving inside your home as you place yourself in a vulnerable position. They may be some situation when you won’t have a choice. For example, your children could be sleeping in a room across your house. Again, you will have to leave your room to protect your children. I think having your wife with a gun could help you stay alive.

Mom Fights Back Against Home Invaders on Detroit’s west side

A couple of years ago, I remembered watching the news of a mom defending her children. Mainly, she faced three low life criminals during a home invasion. One of these criminals had a gun and attended to break in twice inside the house. Nevertheless, she was able to fire her firearm multiple times and protect her children from this violent threat. Check out the video below.

What About If I Go Down

Now here is a scary thought, what would happen if you go down. Many guys do not have an answer to this question and have failed to implement a contingency plan for this event. In fact, if you go down the changes of your family staying alive could be done. That another reason why it is critical for your wife to own and carry a firearm. Mostly, we have to be able to sit down and look at our home defense plan. The key here is to establish contingencies plans for any event. Here is an example, if I go down, what do you do? Or if I get shot, what do you do? Again making sure your wife knows what to do when to do it could be crucial to your family survival.

A Crucial Point

Leupold Deltapoint Pro on Glock 17 MOS

Here is a crucial point that everyone forgets or neglects “Training.” So you think having your wife get a gun is difficult, well having her to do some training could be more difficult. However, training is critical because it allows you to improve your shooting skills, which means that you will have a higher chance to survive an attack. Again talking about training and becoming a better shooter will make a better weapon in general. In addition, some of these training classes will also cover legal aspects, deadly force, shoot and don’t shoot scenarios, etc. Again, this type of training will help you make the best decision during a confrontation.


So having a gun could be scary if you have never shot or own a firearm. However, there are some significant benefits to owning a gun. The main advantage is that it could save you or your family lives during a violent attack. Therefore, if you are a lady, I recommend you to think outside the box and take responsibility for your security. Do not depend on our law enforcement officers as they may not make it on time. Most definitely getting a gun is a serious decision; however, it is a decision that could potentially allow you to defend yourself and family. It has been one of the best decision I made in my life. Thanks so much for reading this blog, and God is in Control.

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