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Top 2 Guns to Own!

The question of how many guns you should have or what is the best weapon for home defense is all over the internet. In fact, the gun community has a continuing fight on all these topics. Some believe a shotgun is the best choice for home defense while other belief a revolver is more than enough. Nevertheless, we need to agree that having a firearm is the best way to protect your family. However, in a market that is over oversaturated with choices, it is difficult to pick the right tool for the job. Mainly because we have so many guns with so many different capabilities. Therefore, understanding what should be your first choices could be difficult. In this blog, I will share some of my opinions on this topic, and please check out this video below, where I talk about this issue on the Jarhead6 Youtube Channel. Remember this blog is just my OPINIONS!

Top 2 Guns to Own!

Thinking About Combat

I was thinking about this topic as I started to prepare myself to answer this question, and I kept thinking about my combat deployments. During my time in the military, I was issued tons of different weapons; however, I had a clear understanding of each weapon benefits. Back in 2004, I remember carrying an M79 grenade launcher, which shoots a single 40MM grenade. This was a devastating weapon and definitely not a choice for home defense or personal defense. This weapon served a specific need for our section, and it did it well. We also had other weapons such as the Beretta M9 service pistol and the Benelli M1014, which could be excellent choices for self-defense, home defense, etc. Nevertheless, I learn one crucial factor when it comes to firearms, not all weapons give you the same capabilities. Essentially, you need the best tool for the job.

How We Can Gather Intel

So how do you pick the right tool for the job? Well, it is actually a straightforward decision that can quickly be made base on one factor, the threat. But, how do we know the threat? Well, in military missions, we use to receive intelligent briefings with all the information needed to make the right decisions. Civilians definitely do not have that ability, but we do have other ways to gather information. Probably the number one system of gather information is mainstream media. Obviously, we have to be extremely careful as they tend to lie a lot, but you can still receive the needed information. For example, during recent riots and natural disasters, we have witness individual committing horrific crimes. For example, home invasions, stealings, burning down business, vehicles, and even multiple criminals attacking law enforcement officers. These are horrible circumstances, but we know evil exists in the world.

How to Pick the Best Gun for the Job


So base on that threat, we know that we need a system that can handle many different confrontations. The Gun Community usually refer to these weapons as a “Go to War (GTW)” weapon. Meaning that you will be able to handle pretty much any violent attack that comes your way. I think this is where the debate starts because everyone is different. Many people have different experiences and training and could feel very comfortable with a specific system. However, I still think that if you are looking for a GTW system, some weapons won’t meet the criteria. Let’s look at some examples:

Can a Revolver Work?

EAA Windicator 357 Mag

A revolver is a very dependable firearm. They are known for always working and having powerful rounds such as the 357 Mag. However, they can be, and many of them do not have a rail for a flashlight, which in my opinion it is a crucial component of a GTW gun. Also, they have lower capacity, typically ranging between 5 to 6 rounds, which again it is not ideal for home defense, GTW, etc. Furthermore, some of the small revolvers can be very difficult to shoot and not accurate at all. This is mainly due to their size, small sights, and the recoil from powerful rounds. I think a good snubnose revolver could be an excellent choice for concealed carry as the element of surprise could give you an advantage.  However, a revolver fails to be the best choice for GTW system.

Shotguns Won’t Work

Now shotguns are great guns with a robust round. They are typically cheap in price and affordable to many in the gun community. I have owned a shotgun for a long time, and in fact, I carried one in Iraq. These firearms tend to be extremely dependable, reliable, and versatile. Mostly, they can be used for multiple application such as home defense, hunting, close quarter combat, and much more. However, in my opinion, it should not be your primary choice for a combat or GTW rifle.  Mainly because a shotgun is lacking in two crucial factors, range and capacity. Think about this, you find yourself in a self-defense confrontation with an individual using an AK-47 or AR-15. That individual will have at a barely minimum 20 plus more rounds than you. Also, this attacker could connect with you at a more extended range. Essentially, he or she could take you out before you are in range. Furthermore, a shotgun user will probably have to reload 3 times before an AK-47 user reloads his firearm, again, not ideal.

“Sniper Rifle” Mentality

I laugh at the “Sniper Rifle” Mentality all the time. Here is what I mean, I get guys that watch the JH6 Youtube channel and always make a statement like this, I just get my Mosin Nagant and take you out 300 yards away. First, you most likely go to jail if you shoot someone at that distance. A person that is 300 yards away is probably NOT a threat to you and your family. Second, the best way to win a fight is not getting yourself in a fight. Therefore, do not give away your location unless it is necessary. Again, this type of mentality just tells me that you are new to firearms and playing to much Call of Duty. Again, I am not saying having a rifle that is designed to take a well aim shot is not a good idea. What I am saying is that these rifles, as well as shotguns, are for a specific need. These guns can work great as part of your self-defense system when needed, but they should not be your first choices.

The Right Choice for You

M&P9 CORE Optic & Suppressor Ready

So what should be your primary guns for self-defense/ GTW system? First, you really need a full-size pistol. This is by far, a requirement when it comes to a self-defense plan. In fact, I will say it should be your first requirement before you actually buy a rifle. This is mainly because a handgun could be easily concealed versus a rifle. Therefore, in the case of you having to move to a different location, you could easily conceal carry your firearm while still maintain the gray man concept. This is one of the reasons, I always tell people to get their concealed carry permit to ensure they are not breaking the law during an emergency evacuation. Keep in mind that it may be legal for gun owners to concealed carry during a state of emergency. Check your state laws for details.

Going back to a GTW handgun, I definitely think a full-size pistol could bring excellent capabilities. Let’s take a look at one of my favorite pistols the S&W M&P9 CORE. This handgun is fantastic, and it provides a large number of benefits. For example, it is dependable, reliable, and it has an excellent reputation. Also, the fact that it has a 17 round magazine allows you to address multiple threat. The serrations on this pistol are fantastic. Again, this is a fighting pistol, and I am confident that it could bring you a ton of capabilities during any self-defense confrontation. Check out the video below for more information on this pistol.

A GTW Rifle

Shooting an AR-15 with Vortex Strike Eagle

A rifle is a must. Many Americans are ok with owning a handgun but not ok with a rifle for some reason. I think some Americans are just intimidation by a fighting rifle. This could be because of the propaganda attacks social media have started against the second amendment and rifles such as the AR-15. Mostly, mainstream media continue to share lies and telling people that guns kill people. We are smarter than them, and we know that bad people kill innocent people. We also know the best way to protect yourself from a bad guy with a gun is to be a good guy with a gun. In the other hand, some people could feel intimidated just because rifles tend to be bigger, and some believe they are more challenging to shoot. Nevertheless, I think rifles are a critical system needed in your self-defense plan.

So what exactly do you need in a rifle? I said many of the same features you need on your GTW handgun. First, it needs to be a semi-automatic rifle with a respectable caliber. No 22LR rifles, yes I said it. It needs to have the ability to mount optics such as red dots, scopes, etc. Optics, such as a red dot will improve your accuracy, it will also allow you to acquire your target faster and much more. It also needs to have the ability to mount a flashlight. Again, being able to have positive identification is crucial. You do not want to shoot a family member or innocent person due to lack of identification. Another factor that I prefer is loading from a magazine. Essentially, having a rifle that is mag fed will probably allow you to reload faster and again engage different threats at a faster rate. Overall, your GTW pistol and rifle should share many of the same characteristics.

People Always Forget About this…

Trijicon MRO Green Dot

Something that is not mentioned a lot in the gun community is firearm accessories or equipment. So as you acquired a good pistol and a good rifle, please do not forget to get some crucial accessories. For example, every good pistol needs a good holster. Mainly a holster provides you with a way to carry your gun and retain it to your body. Also, it will help you protect the trigger guard, which will save you from having a negligent discharge. Furthermore, you may also need additional magazines, a magazine carrier, and a gun belt. Looking at a fighting rifle, you will definitely need a sling and an optic. In some cases, some people like to run backup sights in case their optic fails. Again before you buy other guns that you may not need, make sure you buy all the accessories and gear required.

No Matter What You Get, You NEED to Do This

A lot of people just concentrate on guns, mainly because weapons are cool and fun to have. However, when it comes to surviving a violent confrontation, guns are just a small aspect. One crucial point highly neglected by many is firearm training as well as physical training. Many people only buy nice guns but barely shoot them or establish some type of training calendar. So please remember this, no matter what weapon you decided on, make sure you know how to use it. So if you neglect everything that I said, and you buy a Ruger 10-22 rifle (which I love) make sure you are the best shooter you can be. Being able to connect with the threat and stop a bad guy from hurting you in the most essential aspect of your self-defense plan.


I think having a ton of guns is great and a lot of fun. In fact, I like to collect pistols more than rifles. It is definitely an expensive hobby, and I usually try to get a couple of firearms a year. However, we need to understand that every personal self-defense plan needs to have two crucial guns. A semi-auto pistol and rifle that is reliable, dependable, and have a respectable caliber. Other firearms like shotguns, revolvers, and long-range rifles could serve for self-defense purpose. However, they work better for specific missions. When it comes to your first choices, nothing beats a good pistol and rifle. Thanks so much for reading this blog, and God is in Control.

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