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How To Choose The Best Self Defense Flashlight

When we think about concealed carry or everyday carry equipment, many do not think about a flashlight. I guess because we are to busy with the cool gear, i.e., the gun or the cool knife. However, a good flashlight can be so beneficial to your everyday carry system. I have been producing videos on Youtube for the last few years, and during that time I have had the opportunity to check out so many great flashlights. Obviously, my time in combat allowed me to check out some of the great lights the Military have. Primarily, I have learned some crucial components of excellent fighting flashlight. In this blog, I am going to share some of my opinions on what makes a great self-defense light. Please share yours on the comments below.

Utility Vs. Search & Rescue Vs. Self Defense Flashlight

Olight & Streamlight Flashlights

Now keep in mind the market is saturated with many flashlight companies. In fact, I have worked with Streamlight, which makes great weapon-mounted lights as well as handheld lights. Other companies also include Olight and Nitecore, which also produce fantastic self-defense lights. Now we need to understand all these companies are providing flashlights and not all have the same purpose. For example, utility and search and rescue lights could potentially work in a self-defense situation but are not ideal.  Mainly because there are meant for a different purpose. I just posted a video the New Olight Seeker 2 Pro which pushes out 3200 lumens. In my opinion, this light is excellent for search and rescue choice but again not ideal for self-defense. Essentially it is too big, which makes it difficult to carry and also it has too many settings. In a fight, you want a light that is easy to use. Another example is the Olight S1R II Baton, this light truly rocks as a utility light. It is easy to carry, super small and pushes out a ton of lumens for its sizes. However, it is missing some essential components of a great fighting light. The point here is to get the right flashlight for the right job.

Why We need a Fighting Flashlight

Olight & Streamlight Flashlights

A flashlight is a vital component of an everyday carry system. Just like you carry a gun, an extra magazine, a folding knife, etc a flashlight brings a ton of capabilities. For example, in the case of a confrontation during the night, a flashlight will give the ability to identify a threat. Having positive identification is crucial before engaging an attacker. In many cases, some models of self-defense flashlights can have a very aggressive vessel, this feature could be used as a weapon of opportunity. Essentially, using the light as a striker tool could potentially bring a lot of damage and save your life during a fight. Also, a flashlight could serve as a signaling tool as well. This means that you signal for help by illuminating your position. Finally, a light could deter crime just by efficiently illuminating your location. Think about it, criminals do not want to be identified so they will stay awake from the light.

So Here is What a Fighting Flashlight Needs

Olight & Streamlight Flashlights

So now that we know some of the tasks of a self-defense flashlight, we understand that we need a rugged, impact resistant, water resistant, mostly a light that can sustain a ton of abuse. There are many with those specifications currently in the industry just keep in mind that they come at a higher price tag. Another, factor that I typically like to see is a reputable company with a good warranty policy. I am not rich by any means, so I want to ensure that whatever flashlight I get is backup by a great warranty and reputation. What I have seen so far in the flashlight community is many Chinese companies producing the same light under different names. Therefore, do your research before spending your hard working money. In the Jarhead6 Channel, we have had the opportunity to check out some of the new light in the market, and we have some favorites.

Stupid Easy to Use

Streamlight Protac 2L-X

So first, I want a light that is easy to use. Nowadays, we have flashlights that can bring 4 to 6 modes to include different lumens level, strobe, SOS, and so much more. Although, those features can be beneficial on some occasions is not necessarily what I want during a confrontation. I want a light that can be turned quickly on and off. Essentially, you press a switch, and the light is on without me needing to worry about changing the lumens setting, or pressing multiple buttons. An excellent example of that is the Streamlight Protac 2L-X. I have used this light for a while, and it is easy to carry, straightforward to use, super light and pushes out about 500 lumens. This light would be the perfect light for me to use for self-defense; however, I would love to see a High Lumen model that could push out about 1000 lumen.

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

So here we go with a debatable question, How many lumens do we need? Definitely, you need to understand this can change depending on who you ask. Mostly, some people have a philosophy that 300 lumens is enough for home defense while they think 1000 lumens is good enough for a fighting firearm. The issue here is that if you find yourself having to leave your home during a confrontation, 300 will not be the best choice of lumens for outside your home. I subscribe to the philosophy that the more lumens, the better. Primarily, I like to have at least 1000 lumens on my fighting light.  I think that amount of lumens is enough to identify and engage a threat inside or outside a house.

A Key Factor of a Fighting Light

Olight M2T Warrior “Momentary Switch”

Here is one key factor that all self-defense light need to have “the Momentary Switch.” This is a feature that many utility or even search and rescue lights do not have. So why is this so important? Mainly because of two main aspects.  First, the momentary switch allows you to turn the flashlight on and off very quickly. This is super important because you are looking to identify a threat fast. Second, you do not want to give away your position. The longer your light is on, the more exposed to the danger you are. So it is crucial that you quickly turn the light on, identify a possible threat and engage or turn your light off and continue moving to your destination.

Other Factors I Like

They are a couple of other factors I like to see on my fighting light. For example, I want it to be a carryable size. Meaning not to big but also not too small. Mostly big enough to be able to use it comfortably but at the same time have the ability to put in my package and not look abnormal. Obviously, not to heavy as it will become a pain to carry during my day. One last thing is that I like it to be rechargeable. Unfortunately, my favorite fighting light the Olight M2T Warrior, which happens to be an outstanding light and one of my favorites is not rechargeable. I still prefer this light as I have an external charger and I tend t charge multiple batteries at the same time. Olight did produce a rechargeable model Olight M2R Warrior, however, the Momentary switch on that model is horrible. So I am definitely NOT a fan of the rechargeable model.


So picking the Best Fighting flashlight is just like choosing the best gun, or the best everyday carry knife. It takes a ton of research to ensure you are making the right decision. Overall, I think you need a rugged light, impact resistance that can take a ton of abuse, easy to carry but at the same time have some feature such as a momentary switch. Most definitely it needs a minimum of a 1000 lumens as we have no idea where the fight will be. Although, it sounds like a ton of features the flashlight industry is putting out great self-defense lights. So far, I have been a great fan of Olight flashlights, and I have tested many of them on my youtube channel. I think they are several choices that can serve you well. Thanks so much for reading this blog and God is in Control.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Fighting Flashlight?