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Choosing The BEST Home Defense Weapon

How to choose a home defense weapon is a question that many people are asking. Probably because we are seeing our great country suffering from criminal attacks every single day. We know for a fact our law enforcement officers can’t be everywhere, so it is up to us to have a family defense plan. However, I have to say this is a complicated question to answer. Mainly, because many different factors come to play.  Some factors can include your home state as some gun laws may apply, your specific family needs and even your house design. Nevertheless, I will try to share some information base on my opinions in the hope that will help you survive a home invasion. Remember, this is a significant decision, and you should take the time to research all the information before making a decision; literally, your family life depends on this.

Now, before we start talking about some firearms and some of their pro and cons lets address an important aspect. The best way to survive a home invasion attack is by becoming a hard target. I will definitely write a blog on Hard Vs. Soft Target, however, I will mention a few aspects. Establish a home defense plan with the family and make sure you conduct training regularly.  Identify ways to improve your home defense plan as well as gear needed to enhance your security. Implement security tips such as keeping the outside lights on during the night, possibly get cameras or an alarm as they are deterrence factors. Animals such as dogs can be an excellence deterrence tool as well. Again, the key here is to stop the bad guy before he or she enters your home. Like I have said many times in the past, the best way to win a fight is NOT getting yourself in a fight.

NO Firearms

Baseball Bat

Now here is a comment that you will hear many times from anti-gunners, you do not need a gun for self-defense. In fact, many people are under the idea that they can fight there way out. In many cases, I have heard the same people talking about defending themselves with items such as a baseball bat. We literally need to stay away from that mentally as it is going to get our family killed. Again, a home invasion can have multiple attackers with firearms, and there is no way you can handle that type of threat without getting hurt. Well unless you are a NINJA. With that being said, the best way for a law-abiding citizen to defend his or her family is to purchase a firearm. However, there a couple of factors to keep in mind.

My Philosophy

Palmetto State AR-10

First, I am NOT rich by any means, so I understand that buying a gun is not cheap. However, remember your family lives may be defended on that gun. So purchasing a firearm from a reputable company that is reliable and dependable is a great idea. In today’s market, they are many great companies putting out great guns. For example, Glock and S&W make great handguns for home defense, concealed carry, etc. Also, I have heard great things from Palmetto State Armory, and they have products at an excellent price. I am actually in the middle of testing an AR-10 from PSA (Picture Above). Nevertheless, whatever firearm you choose make sure that it works well with your round of choice.

The Caliber War

Caliber War

Another aspect of a good home defense choice is a respectable caliber. Now the gun community is divided on this aspect, and many will argue and fanboy over calibers, however, I think that hitting the target is more important than the size of your bullet. Therefore, training is a critical factor in your home defense firearm. Think about this, you own a gorgeous 1911 pistol chambered in 45 ACP but you can not connect with a violent attacker, or you can not regularly conduct firearm training because you can not afford to buy rounds. That is definitely not a good choice and at that point, a small S&W revolver chambered in 22 long rifle could be a better choice. So stop fighting on the size of your round and start learning how to use your gun better. I think connecting with your target in the middle of a home invasion attack is what is essential.


4 Reasons You Should NOT Consider a Shotgun for Home Defense

Ok so finally I made it to the guns, here are the choices everyone are talking about, a shotgun, a handgun or a rifle. Let’s start with the shotgun which I think is an excellent choice for home defense, however, contrary to popular belief there are some aspects to consider. In fact, I made a video years ago addressing some on these issues (link Below). Nevertheless, a shotgun has excellent potential due to their lethality. I do not think anyone can’t argue on the extreme devastation of a 12 gauge and the great thing is that come in some many different types of rounds from buckshot, slugs, etc. I think having different choices allow you to get the right one for your mission. However, as I stated on my video shotgun can bring some limitations such as hard recoil, less capacity, difficult to maneuver on small places, etc. Finally, it could be a difficult gun to shoot for family members. This can come to play in case of you going down during an attack.

Semi-Auto Rifles

AR-15 Rifle with Vortex Razor AMG UH-1

Now there is no doubt in my mind that every American should own a rifle for the defense of his family and country. I think a semi-auto rifle that is dependable, reliable and chambered in a respectable caliber can provide anyone with excellent self-defense capabilities. However, is it the best choice for home defense, maybe yes and maybe no. That is a decision you will have to make. In my case, I can be a bit bias as I have been using the AR-15 rifle for many years. Also, I have had a ton of experiences with rifles such as the M-16 and M-4 during my military career. Therefore, I feel very comfortable defending my family or others with these types of firearms.

I wanted to mention some of the capabilities of rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47, which are extremely popular in the United States and around the world are as such; larger capacity, respectable caliber, the ability to mount scopes, red dots or holographic sights, longer sight radius, increase accuracy and more. However, keep in mind there can be some issues on these platforms as well. For example, it may require a considerable amount of training as moving with these firearms inside of your house requires a ton of skills. That can apply to shotguns as well. Also, rifles such as the AK-47 are heavier than your typical handgun and you will definitely experience more recoil.  Furthermore, it may look more intimidating to your family members and in some instances more challenging to shoot.

Here is the Best Choice (In My Opinion)

S&W M&P9 CORE with Streamlight TLR-1HL

Now my top recommendation for home defense is always a handgun. Mainly, I am talking about a semi-auto handgun and NOT a Revolver. I may speak of revolvers for home defense in a later post. Again, I think a good home defense pistol needs to have a few requirements. First, a rail is required to mount a weapon mounted light. I think having a light mount to your HD firearm is a must. This is because identifying your target during darkness is crucial as you do not want to shoot a good guy. Second, I prefer full-size handguns as they have a larger capacity, better sights, they are typically easier to shoot and maneuver, etc.  Obviously, having a gun from a reputable company that is reliable and dependable is a must as well. One last factor, I like to mention is that in case of an emergency and you have to leave your house, a handgun is easier to conceal than a rifle.

Home Defense Accessories

Streamlight TLR-1HL

Lastly, I like to talk about accessories because I think there is a crucial part of a home defense firearm. For example, products like the Streamlight TLR-1 WML has been proving to be an excellent choice for home defense. Another item that has been excellent and I am enjoying very much is the Vortex Huey Holographic sights. This sight has been a great addition to my AR-15 rifle. Mainly because it allows me to have a rapid target acquisition. Other accessories can be night sights, lasers, back-up sights, handheld flashlights, etc. Again NOT saying these accessories are needed, but nevertheless, they will help you during a self-defense situation.


Choosing a home defense firearm can be a stressful task. Most definitely, money can be a driving force as guns can be costly. Nevertheless, I always tend to look at a few factors such as dependability, reliability, a respectable caliber, the company reputation, etc. Also, it needs to fit my home defense plan as many other people or firearm can include on that plan. Meaning that we can share ammunition, magazines, training skills, etc. Finally, whatever gun you pick just ensure you know how to use it. Training and practice could be one of the most critical factors of any home defense firearm. Thanks so much for reading this blog and God is in Control.

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