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The Best Survival Weapon

We have been debating the question of what is the best survival weapon for years. Some people think a good 22 caliber rifle is an excellent idea while others believe it is not. Some people believe that arming yourself is just plain crazy. Personally, I think we are leaving in a society that we are totally depended on government support. In addition, many families are failing to prepare for any type of disaster. Since I have been running the Jarhead6 Youtube channel,  I always hear the question of “what is the best survival weapon.” Of course, the firearm industry has come out with so many different firearms in the last years that it is difficult to pick the right one. However, I think they are several crucial factors that need to be in place on these types of firearms. In this blog, I will be sharing some opinions on this topic, please share your comments below.

Surviving What?

So before we talk about the best survival weapon let’s address this topic, what are we surviving? Again, this is a question that I get asked all the time on my Youtube channel. Especially, when I am making videos about rifles such as the AR-15.  People say things such as, you do not need that rifle, that is a weapon of war and much more. However, I think these questions are asked because people do not understand the severity of the threat. Also, some people leave in a fantasy world where they believe nothing will happen to them. Other people think that calling the cops will be the best way to protect themselves. Unfortunately, we know that the best way to fight a bad guy with a gun is to have a weapon yourself. We love and support our law enforcement officers, but they will probably not be there when the attack happens.

Here are a few emergency situations I have seen in the United States in the last few years. In all these occasions good people had to establish a security plan to protect themselves as the police were not able to respond. Essentially, cops did not have the ability to protect private property and even the community in a full capacity.  For example, we witnessed the Ferguson riots where people vandalized, looted and burned so many places in the city. We also saw the Baltimore riots where the same thing happened. Furthermore, in the last couple of years, we have had several hurricanes hit the United States. Again, we have seen criminals attacked places and destroying property as well as stealing from innocent people. Just a couple of weeks ago, I heard from an individual who defended himself from multiple attackers with an AK-47. Again another example of a survival situation.

Let’s Be Real Guns Vs. Knife Vs. Hatchet

Every now and then I hear people debating this topic Guns Vs. Knife Vs. Hatchet. Mainly, some people genuinely believe that a knife or a hatchet is just plain better for survival. I definitely disagree with that statement. Mostly on a critical factor, many people are forgetting “a fighting weapon”.  However, I definitely think a useful cutting tool is essential for anyone survival. Obviously, a knife can help you cut trees down and start a fire, process animals to cook, self-defense and much more. So please do not disregard the benefits of a sharp fixed blade or hatchet.

The 22 caliber Dilemma

Ruger 10/22 Takedown

Now when we talk about a weapon for survival someone will automatically say we need a 22 caliber rifle. This is because a 22LR caliber rifle brings a ton of capabilities. For example, they are super inexpensive and some are decent in quality. Many years ago, I owned a Remington 597, which was a great rifle. Also, I currently owned a Ruger 10/22LR Takedown model, and it is a great rifle as well. In fact, the Takedown model is super popular because it could be easily stored in a small pack. Furthermore, these types of guns are easy to shoot have barely any recoil. This makes them an excellent choice for all family members.  Finally, the critical factor everyone will address is the ammunition. Mainly, you can carry hundreds of rounds very easy due to the weight. Furthermore, 22LR caliber rounds are super cheap but in my opinion, they can be unreliable.

Why the 22LR Won’t Work

Why I Don’t Stockpile 22LR Anymore

However, even know the 22 rifles can bring a ton of capabilities, it does has a significant vulnerability in my opinion. In fact, a while ago I posted a video on Youtube explaining why I stopped stockpiling 22LR ammunition.  Mainly, it is not enough for self-defense. Now, this is when everyone will attack me and tell me 22LR has stopped many bad guys from committing crimes. Please let me explain further. A 22 rifle can definitely stop a bad guy and be utilized as a self-defense weapon. However, the best survival weapon means that you need one weapon for many different types of emergency situations. This is mainly because we do not know what we will be facing. Could be a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, riot, or most likely several criminals invading our homes. Essentially, you need a weapon that can protect you and your family from anything.

So looking at it in that kind of way, I think we need the best tool for the job. So I need a semi-auto rifle and not a handgun. Mainly because a rifle brings more capabilities to the survival aspects. Mostly, more stopping power, the ability to mount better optics, generally you will more accurate with a rifle, the ability to shoot longer ranges, etc. Also, we need a rifle that has a great capacity, that allows us to address multiple threats at one. In addition, I need the ability to attach accessories such as scopes, dots, flashlights, etc. Also, it needs to be reliable, dependable and super popular in the United States. Popularity is a crucial factor, mainly because I want to ensure I can find ammunition or any needed parts when the time comes. Finally, we need a weapon that is better or equal to what the bad guy has.

The Problem with the 22 Rifles

Here is the problem is with 22 rifles. Essentially, it has some capabilities that could help you during a horrible event. However, it is not the best choice to fight. Think about this, would you want to face multiple attackers with a Ruger 10/22? Or would you like to encounter a bad guy that is armed with an AK-47 with a 22 rifle? Of course not, this is because the 22 caliber does not have the stopping power, lethality, etc of calibers such as the 5.56 or 7.72. Essentially, anyone with an AR-15 or AK-47 will easily take you out. By getting a 22 rifle, you will permanently place yourself at a disadvantage, which is not what you want to do.

Why the AR-15?


This is why I chose an AR-15 for my survival weapon. This rifle has a respectable round that will allow me to face any threat. Also, it is a very popular rifle used in the United States by many civilian and government agencies. This tells me that I will able to find ammunition or parts during a survival event. This rifle is also lightweight, easy to shoot, etc. Also, this platform has been around for many years, and it is reliable, dependable, and we can find many companies putting out great rifles at decent prices. Finally, I have completed hundreds of hours of training on this platform, so I know how to shoot it well. Yeah, I am a fanboy!

Additional Equipment for your Survival Weapon

Trijicon MRO 1x25mm Adjustable Green Dot Sight

Another aspect, I want you to consider it is accessories. There is no doubt in my mind that some accessories can help you survive an attack. For example, a weapon mounted light is needed to identify a threat. A scope can increase your accuracy and allows you to engage at a more extended range. A sling can help you carry your rifle comfortably, backup sights can help you in case your optic runs out of battery, a red or green dot provides faster target acquisition, etc. Again, we need to understand that all these accessories can increase your chances of survival. Therefore, when you pick a firearm, make sure that you can select some of these accessories.

No Matter What Weapon You Use?

No matter what we weapon you chose, please remember a crucial factor, training. This is something that many do not do. Mostly, people buy guns and just leave them on the safe or nightstand. Again, choosing a $1000 rifle that you barely shoot, it makes no sense. Choose a gun and take a formal class, where they can teach you basic fundamentals. Like how to hold your rifle, how to shoot, how to break it down, how to clean it, what are the best practices, what accessories you need and much more. A rifle that you do not know how to use, it serves no purpose. Finally, you do not want to have some type of accidental discharge due to your lack of knowledge.


There are so many choices that it is challenging to choose the best gun for survival. However, I think we need to understand that a survival weapon is part of a system. That means that it is not just the weapon. There are many other items that need to be included in your survival system. Some examples can be knives, multi-tools, a backpack, a way to carry food and water, etc. Mostly, we are looking for a firearm that can be part of that system and it is reliable, dependable and have a respectable caliber. Do not buy a gun that would give the advantage to the bad guy. Do not sell yourself short with a 22 rifle. Thanks so much for reading this blog and God is in Control.

Question of the Day: What is your Weapon of Choice for Survival?