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The Reason Why Kamala was Picked for Vice President!

Why was Kamala Harris picked as the Democratic Vice President nomination? Well, that is a straightforward answer and it is obvious. The Democrats are trying to gain the minority communities’ support by choosing a woman of color.

However, I found this to be wrong on so many levels. First, understand that I am an immigrant. I came to this country at the age of 14, and I am blessed to be able to call myself an American. This country has giving my family and me an amazing future. In Cuba, where I was born, the was no real future. Cuba is a Communist country where the government controls every section of your life. Fidel Castro was an awful man that abused the Cuban people and stole their opportunities to have a decent future. They monitor your food, your house, the clothes they give you, and mostly everything that you own. The constant control over the population was overwhelming and the reason why so many cubans escaped the country. Individuals’ rights were and are still being violated daily. People get placed in jail for not agreeing with the government ideology all the time. Bless the Lord, the United States has a beautiful Constitucion, which gives us the ability to live in a free country.

With that understanding, I came to this country at a young age and worked non-stop to give my family a better future. With hard work, I was able to complete an Associates as well as a Bachelor’s degree. I also served in the United States Marine Corps for over a decade, where I participated in the war of Iraq and Afghanistan. However, it sounds like nowaday my experiences and qualifications are NOT IMPORTANT to be qualify for a job. The most important aspect of getting nominated for a critical and important job is the color of my skin.

That is Unacceptable! I found this to be extremely offensive. All I hear in the news is the Democrats picked a “Woman of Color,” and to me, that is ridiculous and frankly racist. Furthermore, I found the Democrats extremely hypocrites as they are always talking about fighting for racial equality. However, here they are hand-selecting the vice president’s nomination based on race and not so much on qualifications. To me, that is Racist.

I think the American people can see through all this. I also think they would have loved to pick the most qualified person for the job. Qualifications should not have been based on race but the person qualification. Some examples can be, prior experience, education, dedication to our country, belief system, and much more.

Again, just basing their decision on the person’s skin color was wrong, unprofessional, and plain racist.

In this video below, I am sharing some thoughts on this topic. Come and join me in the comment section of the video.

The Reason Why Kamala was Picked for VP!

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